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George Jackson Library

George Jackson was an incarcerated activist that was a member of the Black Power and Black Liberation movements amidst the rise of mass incarceration. He was killed in San Quentin prison and left behind 99 books. Here are (almost) all of the books in the order in which they were recorded in his cell. Step into his library and see what books taught Jackson and vice-versa. Engage, (un)learn, and advocate—collective liberation starts with collective education! 

Remembering George Jackson


Born in Chicago, Illinois, on September 23, 1941, George Jackson's life epitomized a tireless pursuit of justice. Convicted of armed robbery at 18, he began a journey that would shape the course of civil rights activism. Jackson co-founded the Black Panther Party and the Black Guerrilla Family, organizations dedicated to challenging systemic racism and oppression. His autobiography, Soledad Brother, shed light on the injustices within the prison system, advocating fervently for reform.

Jackson's legacy is defined by his unwavering commitment to social change. He envisioned a society free from police brutality, offering equal opportunities in employment, housing, and education for all. Emphasizing self-defense and community empowerment, Jackson's influence extended beyond prison walls, resonating with activists worldwide. The 99 books he left behind underscore the transformative power of education in challenging societal norms and fostering political consciousness. Though his life was tragically cut short on August 21, 1971, George Jackson's ideas continue to inspire the ongoing fight for justice and equality.

Get Involved!

Educate Yourself

Learn about the causes and consequences of mass incarceration.

Advocate for Policy Changes

Support and advocate for policies such as bail reform, sentencing reform, and alternatives to incarceration

Support Organizations

Organizations like JUST, the ACLU, Equal Justice Initiative, and the Sentencing Project are just a few!


Support candidates who prioritize criminal justice reform and vote for ballot initiatives. Every vote matters!

Raise Awareness

Amplify the voices of people behind bars by protesting, organizing, or posting on social media. 

Support Reentry Programs

Support programs that help formerly incarcerated people reintegrate through job training, housing assistance, and access to education.


Get directly involved! Sign up to visit folks at the county jail. Phonebank to fight against injustice behind bars. Work with organizations that provide support. 

Speak Out

Challenge stereotypes and biases regarding incarcerated people and advocate for fair treatment. Being system-involved should not be stigmatized. 

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